Know it Out Loud

Visibility for Viability

Impact and Funding Communications
for the Research Community


Know it Out Loud communicates the relevance and impact of your research to create a lasting connection with funders and the public that inspires enthusiasm and attracts sustained investment.

Ideas Amplified

Know it Out Loud is committed to advancing the visibility and viability of research through a multi-part approach to:

Empower academics and researchers to be thought leaders and influencers.

Engage the public in the wonder and impact of knowledge generated and shaped by universities, institutes, collaboratives, and labs.

Explore new opportunities for partnership and funding in collaboration with government, industry, investors, and the public.


Choose your Move

In collaboration with a network of tried and trusted partners, Know it Out Loud supports individuals and organizations in advancing your research goals.


Translate your research to connect with any audience.

• White Papers
• Fact Sheets
• Social Mentions
• Impact Statements


Expand your influence and get noticed.

• Influencer Training
• Influencer Campaigns
• Audience ID and Development


Inspire advocates and supporters through stories of relevance and impact.

• Storytelling with a Purpose
• Visual Storytelling
• Conferences and Lectures


Communicate impact to improve funding opportunities.

• Pitch Decks
• Funding Cases
• Strategic Plans
• Crowdfunding Campaigns

Julie Chiron Founder

Julie Chiron

Hi, I'm Julie Chiron

With 20+ years as a strategic communicator, I've transformed thousands of ideas into compelling narrative for every audience and purpose. Whether raising millions of dollars for academic and private enterprise, elevating the street cred of exceptional scholars and indie thinkers, driving policy change for consumer protection, or translating geekspeak for early adopters, I live to move mountains, hearts, and minds. A tech entrepreneur and communications pioneer, I thrive in the space where good ideas are transformed into commercial and charitable opportunities. My track record of leading creative and technical teams in the development of many innovative products proves I'm action-focused.


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Do you have a communications or funding challenge that's keeping you from being noticed? Let's explore your options and opportunities.