Julie Chiron, Founder

Julie Chiron, Founder

Hello, I'm Julie.

With 20+ years as a strategic communicator, I've transformed thousands of ideas into compelling narrative for every audience and purpose. Whether raising millions of dollars for academic and private enterprise, elevating the street cred of exceptional scholars and indie thinkers, driving policy change for consumer protection, or translating geekspeak for early adopters, I live to move mountains, hearts, and minds.

  • My writing has appeared in Wired, Mother Jones, HotWired, Online Access, newspapers, and numerous in-house and alumni publications for the Colorado Technology Association, the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Chicago, the University of Colorado, and the University of Denver.
  • I have an affinity for communications, marketing, and branding in the higher education space. My academic article, published in the Journal of Education Advancement & Marketing, explained for peers how to successfully activate a university's masterbrand in a decentralized culture that may be marketing-resistant.

A tech entrepreneur and communications pioneer, I thrive in the space where good ideas are transformed into commercial and charitable opportunities. I have a track record of leading creative and technical teams in the development of many innovative products, including:

  • HotWired.com, the Web's first commercial magazine from WIRED magazine, which introduced ad banners, community membership, and discussion threads connected to content (founder)

  • University of Chicago's global alumni network and first alumni mobile app, deepening engagement and community,

  • ShopTok's line of community-driven ecommerce and customer service tools that gave consumers a voice (founder),

  • University of California, Berkeley's revamped online giving site and $3B campaign site, leading to significantly increased donations and a successful fundraising effort, and

  • Purple Moon online, a safe-space gaming site for girls based on the research of interactivity pioneer Brenda Laurel.

I'm a nationally recognized presenter on higher ed digital communication strategy, an educator in online community development, and a journalist with experience on both sides of the media equation. I hold bachelor's and master's from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Contributing to a connected, healthy, and flourishing world, I enjoy giving back to my community as a board member for the TEDx Mile High Adventures program and an advisor to the Alt-E Fund, a startup non-profit building grassroots financial support for clean energy basic research. My downtime is a mix of long-distance road biking with my wife and my Moots (titanium bicycle handbuilt in the Rockies), distance swimming (3X Alcatraz escapee), collecting old jazz records (latest find: Jazz Samba, Getz/Byrd), Airbnb travel, and enjoying the adventure of the ever-unfolding present. I home brew Kombucha and am particularly fond of my latest infusion: black grape + basil + lavender.

Let's work together!