Know it Out Loud is committed to advancing the visibility and viability of research through a multi-part approach to:

Empower academics and researchers to be thought leaders and influencers. 

Engage the public and funders in the wonder and impact of knowledge generated and shaped by universities, institutes, collaboratives, and labs.

Prepare academics, researchers, and their institutions to pursue new opportunities for partnership and funding with government, industry, investors, and the public.


The first step toward research viability is research visibility.


We are eight researchers from six universities across the United States who created a national research collaborative designed to better understand and address youth homelessness. Julie has joined our planning calls for several months and with her active listening, synthesizing skills, and consensus decision-making approach, she has very adeptly guided us in making decisions toward our website and promotional materials. We are delighted to have her advising and contributing to our efforts, and have adopted her as part of our team. Our research at the local level across multiple cities would not benefit from the exposure we have had were it not for Julie’s involvement in our efforts.
Kristin Ferguson-Colvin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Arizona State University School of Social Work